Boost Your Profits: 7 Key Outsourcing Benefits for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms

Growing your business, building stronger and more experienced teams, and gaining a significant edge over your competitors are only some of the benefits of outsourcing.

Architecture firms have been trying to implement outsourcing for quite some time because, when correctly executed, it allows you to hire top-tier specialists on demand and at extremely affordable rates and permits taking on more projects and clients than ever while tripling your profits in as short as 90 days. 

However, there are many obstacles to overcome before reaping those rewards, and an important one is finding an offshore team or professional who knows their stuff: you need someone highly qualified, who has experience working with US companies, who speaks fluent English, and who fits in well with your organization, to name a few. 

Connecting with a remote professional who can meet your business needs is, by far, the most difficult challenge of all. Many architecture studios embark on their outsourcing journey with the biggest hopes and dreams, only to come out on the other end dejected because the experience didn’t turn out how they had expected it to. 

People who ended up being not as competent as they had said they were, who do not have a clue about working in the US, or who are not as proficient in English for them to communicate with clients effectively: we have seen it all. 
Fortunately, though, outsourcing does not necessarily have to entail all these challenges. Far from it, in fact. It can be done without experiencing any of these common frustrations.

When outsourcing with BetterPros, you can achieve what you thought was unachievable. An offshore team of architects we can provide will help you triple your profits in as short as 90 days while maintaining the same high quality you are used to. 

How is that even possible? Without further ado, we present the seven tried and proven reasons why our remote professionals are the solution you’ve been looking for to scale your business, grow and boost your teams, and gain a competitive edge without compromising absolutely anything. 

The 7 Benefits of Architectural Outsourcing

#1 Cost Efficiency

A 50% reduction in labor costs sounds like a dream, but is indeed the basis of outsourcing. When you hire remote professionals, you only pay them for their production hours. 

You can say goodbye to office costs: no need to pay for a desk, a computer, or a WiFi connection. When work is suddenly slower and you don’t need their services, you don’t pay a penny for that. You only pay for the hours they work. And that’s not all: outsourcing is also cost-efficient because it allows your business to grow, but at a much lower cost than it would take to do so internally.  

With on-demand professionals, you’ll never be caught short due to insufficient staff.  Outsourcing allows you to grow and take on more projects at nearly half the price that it would cost with in-person workers.

#2 Time-Saving

By hiring remote professionals, you will open up your schedule to tend to your most important activities. You will be able to take care of your core functions and delegate your more burdensome and time-consuming tasks. 

There are also two other ways that outsourcing will save you time  that you probably never thought about: 
With this tip, you’ll not only save time but also increase the hours of your day. We know it sounds impossible, but hear us out. Although our BetterPros professionals work during the same time as you, some of them cannot necessarily be in your same time zone. This means that they can extend your office hours if need be. 

Here’s an example: let’s say you’re an architecture studio based in Miami that works from 9 to 5, EDT time. In Argentina, we’re on GMT-3 time, so we are an hour behind. At the moment it’s 9 am in your office, it’s already 10 am for us. Imagine you have a super complex project you need to send to an important client by 9 am sharp, and even with all hands on deck, you’re not sure if it’s going to be ready. 

Here’s when we come in: using time zones to our advantage, the day before delivery, we can work from Argentina an extra hour after your office has already closed. So while you’re heading home at 5 pm, you can relax a little knowing that a remote professional is full speed ahead making advances for you to finish on time.
Our second tip can allow you to gain a significant edge over your competitors, and it involves renders and visualizations. These tasks require huge amounts of time dedicated exclusively to them. Usually, most firms cannot afford to hire an in-house professional. Luckily, our BetterPros experts have the skills to create professional-quality renderings and visualizations. Outsourcing these types of extensive and detailed projects, you’ll be able to obtain first-rate results without a prohibitive cost.

#3 Skyrocket Your Productivity

You’ll never have to turn down a client, and understaffing won’t be a problem for your studio. With on-demand professionals, you’ll be able to take on more projects than ever before and produce more for less. All this without having to hire full-time staff: as our professionals are available on an on-demand basis, you can put them to work only when you need to.

#4 Quality Results

Our BetterPros guarantee top-quality results since they are all licensed professionals who go through an extensive vetting process before being included in our talent pool, so we can definitely vouch for their expertise and experience. 

In addition, our professionals engage in all the projects they take on with utmost responsibility and commitment. They are driven and passionate individuals who go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction, and consider themselves fully-fledged team members, no matter where they’re located.

#5 On Your Same Time Zone

Our BetterPros professionals are online at the same time as you are and work alongside you during your work hours. You can chat or talk to them whenever you wish; you won’t have to stay overtime or come in earlier to be able to connect with them. 

#6 Top Talent With US Experience

Our BetterPros are carefully selected top talents and are all certified and highly qualified professionals. In addition, they are specialists in a specific area they have been working on for some time. When you hand your projects over to them, you can rest assured that you’re giving them to people who are experts in their trade, guaranteeing quality results and more efficiency in the whole work process, as well. 
Each professional provides an extensive portfolio of past projects, experiences, and references before being accepted as part of our talent pool. We check these documents thoroughly, to ensure that they’ll be able to uphold the international standards we expect them to and to guarantee that their abilities are up to par with what we seek to provide for our clients. 

This way, BetterPros will grant you access to a large talent pool of professionals who are the best in their game and you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to meet them if you had only been hiring in the USA. 

This will inevitably allow you to take on more projects and clients, as you’ll be able to hire specialists with totally different backgrounds, expertise, and skill sets, depending on your needs and requirements.  

It is also worth mentioning that our BetterPros professionals have ample experience working with US companies. They are familiar with the lingo, the legal issues, and the documentation needed, just to name a few.

#7 Communication is easy

Don’t worry about getting lost in translation: all our professionals are 100% fluent in English, and the vast majority speak the language as if it were their mother tongue. You communicate with them just like you would with any local team member. 
On top of that, at BetterPros, we are big on communication. Professionals are available to chat or speak whenever you wish through instant messaging, video calls, or the method you most prefer. 
So, how do we connect you with the most qualified architects and engineers? Let us explain:

7 Tips To Work With The Best US-Trained Offshore Architects

#1 Find An Outsourcing Company That Can Guarantee That Their Architects Have Already Worked With Us-Based Firms

Or maybe we should start even before that: find an outsourcing company! Don’t try to connect to random professionals you find on LinkedIn. We know that is a tempting option, but trust us: the results are disastrous. You have no way of verifying who you are talking to or if they have the skills they say they do. So if you are looking to collaborate with an offshore professional, do so through a company like BetterPros, which can corroborate their work and background. 
Once you do that, ensure that the professionals the company offers have experience working with US companies. If they don’t, it’ll only be a headache and you’ll waste more time teaching them the basics than having them work. Luckily, all of our BetterPros professionals have experience working with American firms. They know the documentation needed and are familiar with the legal aspects of it all, but most importantly, they understand the culture and fit into teams like any local would.

#2 Ask For Sample CDs Of Projects In The US

If the professionals cannot provide them because they have signed NDAs, ask to set up a video call where they can share screenshots and walk you through the projects they have been a part of. This way, you’ll be sure the person knows what you need them to know! 

#3 Be Sure They Really Know Their Software

Don’t settle for someone who has some months of experience in the software you use, even if they have previous experience in similar projects. Knowing the ins and outs of software is crucial to speed and efficiency in architecture documentation. There are a lot of seasoned architects with US  experience in the world: make sure the one you pick has been using the software you need them to use (Revit, AutoCAD, or whatever it may be) for at least three years.

#4 The Imperial Test

An architect who has been working with US-based projects should easily be able to tell you the correct measurements for a kitchen or a doorway. They should be able to give you an answer that makes sense without having to convert the numbers in their head or translate them from centimeters to inches, for example. 
Ask them a simple question, and you’ll discover if they are familiar with American building codes.

#5 Recruit Architects For Your Team, Not Students

Even though many students work in production, only experienced architects can genuinely understand how to build things. When working with a student, most mistakes and redlines ensue because they cannot visualize projects coming to life. Make sure you connect with architects who have experience in their field and are not just starting: it’ll make a world of difference.

#6 Work With Architects That Live In Your Same-Time Zone

Being disconnected from the professional you’re working with and unable to talk to them for six hours can be an expensive mistake. Try to collaborate with someone available during your office hours and can work alongside you. That is one of the things we guarantee at BetterPros.

#7 Do A Brief Background Check Of The University The Architect Studied In

There are a lot of major public and private Universities for architects in South America. However, not all offer courses on the technology that the profession now requires. The universities that ensure their students are up to date with the latest technologies and programs produce better technically skilled architects, and these are great at documentation. 

This information about Universities is available online. But of course, when outsourcing with BetterPros, you won’t have to verify this information or take a look at universities: we’ll do it for you. All the professionals in our talent pool go through an extensive vetting process, and a big part of our focus is  on checking their educational background. 
Today is the day you can change your old patterns and habits and start integrating the group of the future: innovative teams doing their magic wherever you are. 
Don’t choose who is close, choose who is best. 
If you are interested in learning more about our services, please reach out for a free consultation!