Showcase your unique architectural design skills on Revit with a conceptual presentation

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#ReinventingDixie was the opportunity for Revit experts to show us their unique design perspective on 8111 S Dixie, considering the impact of the community apartments, grocery stores, and other amenities within the residential environment. 

We wanted this design challenge to be a platform for them to showcase their creativity and architectural prowess, taking creative liberties, thinking innovatively, and most importantly, having fun with the process. 
We are excited to introduce you to the professional who received the US$500 prize and is about to begin a huge new step in their career. Congratulations!

? Winner ?
Andres F. Martinez Arismendy

As told by Andrés, these were the main intervention criteria in the reinvention of Dixie:

Create a waterfront promenade to emphasize the project’s relationship with the waterway.
Create a permeable public space that connects with the surrounding roads with a focus on the main street.
Open up the housing blocks to the landscape.
Connect the center of the site with the public space and the commercial are through a central entrance
Provide comfortable and versatile environments.

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