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Turning Ideas into Reality

At BetterPros, we care about selecting the best talents who convert ideas into reality. The primary goal of this crucial last phase, Construction Documents (CDs), involves creating a comprehensive set of detailed drawings, specifications, and documents that guide contractors to build the project. Our meticulous professionals are focused on providing all the necessary information and instructions to ensure the accurate and successful execution of the design during the construction process.

Construction Documentation Services
Construction Documentation Services

The Construction Documents phase is characterized by its high level of detail and specificity. The drawings and documents in this phase serve as a contract between the client and the contractors, outlining the exact requirements, dimensions, materials, finishes, and construction methods. Contractors use these documents to prepare accurate cost estimates, obtain necessary permits, and conduct construction work.

Key activities and outcomes

in Construction Documents Services typically consist of:

  • Detailed Drawings

Highly detailed and precise architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings that provide the exact dimensions, locations, and specifications for each project component.

  • Specifications

Written descriptions outline the materials, finishes, installation methods, and quality standards for construction.

  • Schedules

Timelines and schedules for construction activities, deliveries, and project milestones.

  • Codes and Regulations

Clear references to applicable building codes, regulations, and zoning requirements that the project must comply with.

  • Coordination

Coordination drawings and details that seamlessly integrate different systems and components (such as structural elements and mechanical systems).

  • Bid Documents

Contractors use documents to bid on the project, including instructions for submitting bids and evaluating proposals.

  • Permits

Documentation required for obtaining construction permits from local authorities.

  • Sustainability Considerations

Information related to energy efficiency, sustainable practices, and environmental considerations, if applicable.

  • Cost Estimates

Detailed cost breakdowns based on the drawings and specifications, helping the client assess the project’s financial feasibility.

Key Role of Construction Documentation Services

The Construction Documents phase is critical to the project’s success, as accurate and comprehensive documents help prevent misunderstandings and discrepancies during construction. Clear and well-coordinated documents reduce the likelihood of errors, delays, and cost overruns. Once the Construction Documents are completed and approved by the client, contractors can use them to provide accurate bids and carry out the construction work in alignment with the designer’s vision and the client’s expectations.

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