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Refining Concepts for Construction

The Design Development (DD) that follows the Schematic Design phase is a more detailed and refined stage where design concepts and ideas are further developed. The primary goal of BetterPros’ professionals in this phase is to translate the approved schematic design into a more comprehensive and detailed set of drawings and documents that can be used for construction.

Design Development Architecture
Design Development Architecture

During the DD phase, our remote architects and designers refine the design based on feedback from the client. The focus shifts from conceptual exploration to the technical aspects of the design. This phase involves specifying materials, systems, and components more precisely and addressing structural, mechanical, electrical, and other technical considerations.
The aim is to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing but also functional, safe, and feasible to build within the given budget.

Key activities and outcomes

of the Design Development Architecture phase typically include:

  • Refinement of Design Concepts

Take the selected design concept from the Schematic Design phase and refine it based on client feedback and technical considerations.

  • Space Planning and Layout Refinement

Further develop and refine the layout and spatial arrangement of the building’s components.

  • Detailed Drawings

Create more detailed and accurate floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D models that illustrate the design with greater precision.

  • Material and Finish Selection

Identify specific materials, finishes, and colors for different building parts, considering aesthetics, durability, and functionality.

  • Structural and Engineering Coordination

Collaborate with structural engineers and other consultants to integrate technical systems, structural elements, and building systems into the design.

  • Code Compliance

Ensure the design meets local building codes, regulations, and zoning requirements.

  • Cost Estimation

Develop a more accurate cost estimate based on the refined design helps the client assess whether the project is within their budget.

  • Client Approval

Present the refined design for approval and further feedback.

Following Steps

By the end of the Design Development phase, the design should be well-defined, with detailed drawings and documents that clearly understand the project’s scope, materials, and technical aspects. While the Design Development phase is more detailed than the Schematic Design phase, it still precedes the final phase, Construction Documents, where the design is documented in a comprehensive set of drawings and specifications that contractors will use to build the project.

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