BetterSessions #12: Healthy Living Tips with Manu

Healthy Living Tips

BetterSessions, our monthly talks, go way beyond architecture. In our most recent installment, the remarkable Manuela Galan, one of our Core coaches and an expert in healthy eating, meal portioning, and preparation, dished out a banquet of useful healthy living tips. 

Manu’s session on unleashing the power of healthy eating was a resounding success, providing our internal team and talents with invaluable insights and practical tips for transforming their approach to nutrition.

Let’s recap the yummiest highlights from this session.

Understanding the Power of Healthy Eating

Manu began by emphasizing the importance of healthy eating, not only for physical health but also for mental well-being and overall productivity. She shed light on how nourishing our bodies with nutrient-rich foods can fuel our energy levels, enhance cognitive function, and promote a positive mindset. It was a powerful reminder of the transformative impact that healthy eating can have on our lives.

All in all, healthy eating can help us lead healthier, longer, and more productive lives!

Mastering Meal Portioning and Preparation

Meal portioning and preparation can often be challenging, but Manu’s expertise made it accessible to everyone. She shared practical strategies for portion control, allowing the team to create balanced and satisfying meals that meet their nutritional needs. Manu’s insights on meal planning, prepping, and organization helped attendees overcome common obstacles and maintain a healthy lifestyle, even with busy schedules.

Download some of Manu’s healthy recipes here!

Manu’s healthy recipes here!

Meal Planning: A Path to Success

Meal planning is a powerful tool that helps us stay on track with our nutrition goals and maintain a balanced diet. During the session, Manu emphasized the importance of thoughtful meal planning, which involves creating a structured approach to our daily or weekly meals. By taking the time to plan our meals in advance, we can make intentional choices, ensure nutritional variety, and avoid impulsive and unhealthy food decisions.

One of the key benefits of meal planning is its ability to save time, increase meal predictability, and reduce stress. Manu shared valuable tips on how to streamline the process, such as setting aside dedicated time for meal planning, creating a shopping list based on planned recipes, and utilizing meal prep techniques to prepare ingredients in advance. These strategies enable us to make healthier choices effortlessly, even on busy days when time is limited.

Portioning: Finding the Right Balance

Portion control is a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy diet. It involves being mindful of the quantity of food we consume to ensure we’re providing our bodies with the appropriate amount of nutrients while avoiding overeating. Manu shed light on the significance of portioning and provided practical insights to help attendees find the right balance.

One effective strategy Manu shared was using visual cues to estimate portion sizes. For example, she suggested using your hand as a reference guide. Your palm can serve as a measurement for protein portions, your fist for vegetable servings, your cupped hand for carbohydrates, and your thumb for healthy fats. This approach simplifies portion control, making it more intuitive and accessible.

Additionally, Manu emphasized the importance of listening to our bodies’ hunger and satiety cues. By eating mindfully and paying attention to how we feel throughout a meal, we can better gauge when we’ve had enough to eat and avoid overindulging. This mindful approach to portioning allows us to build a healthier relationship with food and develop a greater sense of satisfaction with our meals.

Healthy Living Tips

Nutrition: Nourishing Our Bodies

A crucial aspect of healthy eating is ensuring we provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients to thrive. Manu’s session highlighted the importance of prioritizing nutrient-rich foods and understanding the role they play in supporting our overall well-being.

She discussed the significance of incorporating a variety of whole foods into our meals, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that contribute to our physical and mental health. 

Additionally, Manu dispelled myths about eating every 3 hours, breakfast being the most important meal of the day, and misconceptions about fasting. 

Manu provided recommendations for incorporating these nutrient-dense foods into our diet, such as trying new recipes, exploring different cooking methods, and experimenting with diverse flavors and spices to make our meals both nutritious and enjoyable.

Moreover, Manu touched on the importance of understanding the individual dietary needs and preferences of attendees. She encouraged them to explore personalized approaches to nutrition, such as consulting with healthcare professionals or registered dietitians to ensure they’re meeting their specific nutritional requirements.

By focusing on nutrition, portioning, and meal planning, we can create a solid foundation for a healthier lifestyle. These practices empower us to make informed choices, optimize our nutrient intake, and develop sustainable habits that support our overall well-being.


Engagement and Interaction

The session included an interactive Q&A segment where attendees had the opportunity to engage directly with Manu. Participants asked thought-provoking questions, seeking advice on specific dietary requirements, recipe recommendations, and personal challenges. Manu’s expertise and compassionate guidance provided attendees with practical solutions tailored to their individual needs!

Reflecting on a Transformative Experience

BetterSessions #12 truly transformed the way we view healthy living tips. The session’s comprehensive approach, blending practical tips with insightful perspectives, empowered participants to make positive changes in their nutrition journey. Many expressed their gratitude for the valuable knowledge and inspiration gained from Manu’s expertise.

Moving Forward with a Healthier Lifestyle

As the session concluded, participants were equipped with the tools and motivation to embark on a healthier lifestyle. Armed with practical strategies for meal portioning, preparation, and mindful eating, attendees felt empowered to make sustainable choices that would enhance their overall well-being — and even make some cool purchases to help those goals!

We have nothing but a huge THANK YOU to Manu for sharing her expertise and guiding us on this healthy journey. 

Stay tuned for more upcoming BetterSessions events as we continue to provide valuable insights to help you thrive both personally and professionally!