#BetterSession 16: QuickBooks at Your Fingertips. Learn from Scratch!

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QuickBooks is the leading accounting software used in the United States. It is easy to use and can help you automate tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, and expense tracking for free. It can also be useful for managing budgets and visualizing the profitability of your clients’ projects. Learn everything you need to know about this tool with María Sol Patané, a member of the #BetterTeam.

Why do clients choose Quickbooks?

There are three key reasons why clients choose Quickbooks for their daily management:

  • Synchronization. As a software with both desktop (can be installed on your computer) and online (can be used from a browser) versions, it allows you to have all the information about your company digitized, updated, and synchronized. If several people manage the company’s information, the Quickbooks cloud version can help everyone access the information in real-time.
  • Efficiency. Quickbooks systematizes all the day-to-day tasks that are monotonous because they are only of operational order. The system learns from your transactions and you can teach it to create rules that allow it to perform tasks in an automated way. This way, the client can use their time to create reports and analyze the information to make decisions.
  • Versatility. Quickbooks not only works for tasks related to accounting but also for general administration. It is useful for entrepreneurs and people who want to use it for their personal finances. It allows you to cover all the tasks of an administration in a single intuitive tool, from invoices to payments. It also becomes a support in Sales: Quickbooks can be connected to other types of software such as email marketing, inventory, and more.
QuickBooks at Your Fingertips

What are the fundamentals we need to know about Quickbooks?


Quickbooks is useful for sending invoices directly to clients, setting reminders, and requesting invoices automatically. The tool is very intuitive, and all you need is your client’s email address. The software can calculate rates that are automatically updated. In the United States, tax laws are updated several times a year and the software can incorporate those updates without having to manage them manually.

Quickbooks also brings a lot of security in terms of payments because they can be managed easily and quickly, avoiding fraud. The tool creates reports of hours and costs. It also has a Workflow tool that allows you to associate information from your clients and your business, creating joint projects in which we can review the status of things as we assign expenses, income, and time.
The tool makes it easy for clients to generate all types of payments according to the project and their needs. Transactions can be categorized and geolocated.


Quickbooks is a tool designed by and for accountants. It allows you to perform basic accounting activities with pre-defined accounts by the system that can be easily adjusted to the needs of a client. It allows you to connect credit cards and bank accounts. This allows you to access reports and daily bank summaries every day without having to ask the client for this information.

The application has a Tax Forms section where it is essential to categorize the information correctly to analyze the tax impact. It is essential to investigate the tool in depth to define which reports can be useful for your needs. The software is simple and it is a matter of pure logic.


Quickbooks promotes confidentiality. We can enter the “client accounts” as accountants without the need to have access to all their private accounts or confidential information. With Quickbooks, all the sensitive information we work with will be well protected. It also allows you to take care of our work with the possibility of tracking the tasks of each user, which allows us to transmit to the client the confidence and professionalism they need.

QuickBooks fundamentals

What is ProAdvisor?

ProAdvisor is a program offered by Quickbooks that allows you to certify that you are competent in using the tool. You can start by acquiring tools by handling the software, understanding the exam requirements, and looking for the type of certification that best suits your professional development by clicking here.

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