Level Up Your Knowledge Like Steroids


They say that knowledge is power. But how does it work for us? Well, we believe that education is the key to achieving our professional development, as well as improving our personal skills. It’s about learning what we are passionate about and taking it to the maximum to be the best at what we love.

So… as you see above, at BetterPros we don’t know how to do things halfway. Therefore, this year we went for it all and created a monthly cycle to increase our employees’ knowledge like steroids.

What was it all about? We designed different workshops to teach BetterPros members about software, plugins and tools in several fields of architecture.

Each session was led by an amazing speaker from our team, who shared their knowledge on certain topics and provided tips and tricks on how to apply this learning in the best way.

The results were incredible: we confirm that our professionals have unique talents, and we have many things to learn from them.

Wanna know more about our 2022 sessions? We leave you with a quick recap to see what they were about.


Mindblowing renders

Eugenio Sanchez is an expert in rendering. In this first meeting, we learned how to create more and more realistic renders, taking into account 5 fundamental aspects: camera, composition, textures and materials, humanization & 3D models.


Catapult your productivity

So, we all know that programming is growing exponentially in all areas thanks to its efficiency and speed of execution. For this reason, at BetterPros we organized an exclusive session to introduce our architects to Revit.

Yonatan Rodriguez showed us the main benefits of this plugin and how to start using it to execute name changes in plans, views and develop 3D models in a few minutes.


From static to immersive rendering

The world of visualization is as wide as a specialization in itself. In this workshop, Juan Pablo Maisonneueve taught us how to work with Twinmotion and Unreal Engine to immerse ourselves in our projects and live the full experience of what we design, changing materials, colors and even setting the music of the space we want to present.


The project management skills you didn’t know you needed

Organization and management are two fundamental characteristics to develop our projects effectively. From Juan Ignacio Garcia’s session, we learned about the importance of considering regulatory requirements from the early stages and to pay close attention to detail without losing sight of the next step.


Rock your communications skills

In the world of architecture, not everything is about drawing, selling and generating agreements.

Malena taught us how to communicate effectively, using the right words in each situation. In addition, we learned how much our image, movements and expressions influence what we want to transmit.


Unleash your software potential with Rhino

One of the great challenges of modern architecture is to know which software is the right one for each project. Together with Brennan, we learned the pros and cons of each application and how to connect them together without losing information along the way.


Towards new landscapes

Finally, we invited our professionals to broaden their view through landscaping. Then, Florencia Clavero and Doriana del Pilar showed us how landscape development impacts designs and what tools allow us to optimize this task.

To do this, we use Revit’s Environment plugin, which allows us to quickly adjust our models to the topography of the terrain and incorporate lines that facilitate modeling on these surfaces.

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