Asana or Picking the right management tools

Deadlines, resource allocations, budgets, performance monitoring: how do architecture firms keep track of it all?

Well, we don’t know how they actually do it, but we know how they SHOULD be doing it: with project management softwares.

You’ve probably heard of Asana or, the two management tools that have emerged as leaders in their game over the last few years. They keep workflows much more organized, as they help plan and execute projects and generate a clear and concise way of visualizing almost all important aspects of any task.

But since both are web-based services that use cloud-based storage, picking one over the other has become a source of great confusion: is one of these tools better? More practical, or easier to use?

In this post, we will break down the differences and similarities between the two. Take a look!⬇️👀

It’s safe to say that both project management tools have some positive and some negative aspects. Asana offers more customizations and integrations, features a portfolio management section, and is more advanced in regards to team communications. However, it’s on the pricier side: is much less expensive. 

Apart from its cost,’s benefits include its many data visualization options and its task management section, which is much more complete than Asana’s offer as it provides overviews of each task and allows assigning more than one person to them.

Overall, Asana and are quite similar, and they harbor only slight differences. So really, the decision depends on your personal preferences or your organization’s particular needs (or budget!). 


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