Better Day 2022 – What’s It All About? (Part 3)


All 70+ attendees went back to the conference room—very slowly this time because lunch had been epic.

But what was even more epic than that? A streaming broadcast hosted by Santi and Flor, two charismatic Core coaches who could give any TV presenter a run for their money. From the comfort of a fully furnished studio in Howard Johnson, they radiated personality and charm.

The streaming event tied together the events from all four cities: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Montevideo, and Bogotá. Many of our BPs (who are big on digital nomadism) connected from across the globe and joined the festivities.


Thanks to the magic of streaming, this enormous community of professionals was able to get together, meet one another, and connect to their colleagues in different cities.

Still, that wasn’t the end of it, because we’d planned to end the streaming event with a giveaway! At the end of the day, one lucky BP walked away with a trip to sunny Cancún, all expenses paid.


That doesn’t mean we were going to let people walk away empty-handed, since we’d organized a Secret Santa so everyone could go home with a cool gift!
David Nieva, our Head of Administration, also acquitted himself well behind the mic, with funny asides and quick wit. He made sure everyone got their present and a few laughs for good measure.


Afternoon – Coffee & Pool Time!

Now that everyone had their presents, it was time to head off to the pool area to enjoy the rest of the sunny afternoon.

Over coffee, bagels, and other carby goodies, the team chatted amicably close to the pool or relaxed on long lounge chairs by the water. The more adventurous ones decided they hadn’t taken their swimming trunks and bikinis for nothing and dived right in too!

By then, everyone was shooting the breeze as if they’d known each other for years, and the hours went by quickly!


What Better Day Left Us

Better Day was just what we’d set out to do: to bond, get together, and get to know the people behind the screens better.

Regardless of how well we can get along virtually or how effective we are as a team, sometimes there’s no substitute for real-life.

Getting together was about bonding, actual hugs, and letting each other know we’re more than colleagues: that we share the same values, the same mission, and that we’re all part of a community that supports each other.

And for any other team, this undertaking would have been too massive to pull off. For Better Pros, though?

Just another day… well, out of the office.

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