Get Over Your Fear of Excel with Our BetterSession #14


Business and spreadsheets are as intertwined as fish and the ocean. Proficiency in spreadsheet software is essential for professionals across various industries. Excel, a powerful tool from Microsoft, is widely used for data analysis, financial modeling, and task management. 

However, many individuals continually struggle with Excel’s complex functions and formulas, limiting their productivity and efficiency. To address this issue and empower professionals with Excel skills, BetterPros is proud to present an exclusive workshop titled “Overcome Excel: Mastering the Basics for Enhanced Productivity”, led by our COO, Dyna Efraimsky. 

Only, we told you a little white lie, and this workshop is actually about Google’s analog product to Excel, Google Sheets!

Unleashing the Power of Google Sheets

The workshop’s primary focus was to demystify spreadsheets and unlock the full potential of Google Sheets—a cloud-based spreadsheet software. Google Sheets offers a user-friendly interface with collaborative features, making it an ideal choice for businesses and remote teams. 

The “Overcome Excel” workshop aimed to help our talents and internal team face their fears and reservations about complex spreadsheets, providing them with the foundational knowledge to confidently navigate Google Sheets.

BetterSession Excel

Objectives of the Workshop

The workshop had three key objectives:

  • Pivot tables are a powerful feature that allows users to summarize, analyze, and visualize large datasets at a glance. Creating and manipulating pivot tables can significantly enhance data analysis and reporting capabilities.
  • Excel’s vast library of functions can be overwhelming for beginners. This workshop introduced participants to some of the most commonly used functions that can streamline calculations and data processing.
  • The workshop aimed to remove the intimidation factor associated with Excel and provide attendees with a clear understanding of how to navigate and work with Google Sheets.

Meet the Dy-namo

Our very own Dyna Efraimsky, a powerhouse of innovative ideas, led the workshop. Hailing from Uruguay, Dy is a communication specialist with experience in the corporate world. With over 15 years of expertise, Dyna currently serves as the COO of BetterPros and manages the operations team. She has a unique knack for transforming problems into streamlined processes and has been a driving force behind the success of numerous projects.

BetterSession Excel

Dy’s Spreadsheet Terror

Interestingly, DY herself was once an “enemy” of Excel. Like many others, she found the complexities of Excel formulas and cells daunting. However, her perspective shifted when she discovered the power of pivot tables in generating useful insights and streamlining processes. With this revelation, Dy turned Excel into an ally, leveraging its capabilities to optimize workflows and drive efficient project execution.

Dyna’s enthusiasm for communication and teaching makes her the perfect guide for workshop attendees. Her expertise in Google Sheets and Excel, combined with her excellent communication skills, ensures participants will have an engaging and informative learning experience.

Unlock Your Potential with BetterPros

As a specialized talent connector, BetterPros has curated this workshop exclusively for its talents and internal team. By fostering a supportive professional community, BetterPros aims to empower its members with skills that will accelerate their career growth and success. 

Also, this workshop catered to diverse skill levels and backgrounds. From seasoned professionals looking to sharpen their Excel skills or Core Coaches looking to organize their week, all were welcome.

BetterSession Excel

Another Win for BetterPros

The “Overcome Excel: Mastering the Basics for Enhanced Productivity!” workshop on August 2nd, 2023 was a resounding success, with a record attendance of 80+ professionals. 

This exclusive opportunity to overcome your spreadsheet hesitations and unlock the potential of Google Sheets left us wanting to learn more. The workshop was the start of many personal spreadsheet journeys, and Dy promised to return for round 2 — and beyond. 

All in all,  BetterSessions #14 was a deep dive into the world of spreadsheets. Under Dy’s expert guidance, we gained invaluable skills that will undoubtedly set us apart in a world of spreadsheet-fearing professionals. As always, BetterPros leads the pack by taking our knowledge to new heights through interactive and transformative learning experiences. 

Time to Excel at Google Sheets!

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