Step 1 – 8

Hey! I’m Connie, BetterPros’ Account Manager.Okay, don’t run away just yet, I know what you’re thinking but I’m not a bot, I am a real human, and I’d love to meet you! This won’t take more than 2 minutes.

First things first, what’s your name

Step 2 – 8

Awesome, and your email? (I won’t spam, I promise)

Step 3 – 8

Thanks! Now, to find out if BetterPros is a good fit to help you grow your company, let me ask, what business are you in?

Step 4 – 8

Which state is your firm based in?

Step 5 – 8

What’s your firm’s website URL?

If you don’t have one, please provide a LinkedIn profile or an online portfolio. Otherwise, your phone number will do.

Step 6 – 8

How many people work at your firm?

Step 8 – 8

Do you pinky swear that if you and I arrange a Google Meet you will show up at the selected time in the link that I will provide?

Step 8 – 8

Could you tell me your phone?