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#BetterSession 16: QuickBooks at Your Fingertips. Learn from Scratch!

#BetterSession 16: QuickBooks at Your Fingertips. Learn from Scratch!

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software used in the United States. It is easy to use and can help you automate tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, and expense tracking for free. It can also be useful for managing budgets and visualizing the profitability of your clients’ projects. Learn everything you need to know about this tool with María Sol Patané, a member of the #BetterTeam.

The Future of Architecture and the Role of Remote Work in the Industry

The Future of Architecture and the Role of Remote Work in the Industry

The architectural industry is undergoing a radical transformation. The rise of technology, the growing demand for sustainable design, and changing client needs are all driving evolution. In this post, we will explore the future of architecture and the role of remote work in the industry, with a focus on BetterPros, the #1 architectural outsourcing agency.


#BetterNight Remote: Celebrate good times, come on!

In today’s fast-paced work environment, staying connected with your team while working remotely can be a challenging endeavor. However, at BetterPros, we understand the significance of fostering a sense of belonging and recognizing daily accomplishments. As we navigate this new era of work, we’ve embraced the remote revolution and found innovative ways to maintain our strong team spirit.

The Benefits and Challenges of Hiring Remote Architects

The Challenges and Benefits of Hiring and Managing Remote Architects

The world moves at a breakneck pace, and the architectural industry is witnessing a significant shift toward hiring and managing remote architects. Outsourcing architectural services has emerged as a game-changing strategy, offering architectural firms numerous advantages, including enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and access to a diverse global talent pool.

BetterNight 2023

BetterNight 2023

BetterNight was created in 2023 and has arrived to stay. By picking one theme a year (including a dress code and a special challenge), it has become one of the most unique nights on our agenda, in which we not only dance the night away and have delicious food but also take a moment to recognize talents with outstanding performances over the past year.


Smart Materials

Smart materials have emerged as a game-changer in the construction industry, revolutionizing how we design and build structures. These materials possess unique properties that can respond to external stimuli, allowing them to adapt, change shape, or alter their properties.

Sustainable Architecture Portada

Sustainable Architecture

In the world of sustainable architecture, the pursuit of environmentally conscious design has become increasingly vital. With the growing demand for sustainable buildings, architectural outsourcing has emerged as an excellent approach to achieving sustainability goals without compromising quality.

Tiny Homes Design

Tiny Homes Design

In recent years, the tiny home movement has gained popularity, as more people seek to downsize and simplify their lives. However, designing a tiny home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be more than most people bargained for, especially when working with such limited space.