#BetterHug 2023: A Journey Into BetterPros’ Gathering

BetterHug 2023

In the fast-paced world of the Remote Revolution, where colleagues are scattered across different places and even time zones, building a strong sense of unity and connection can sometimes feel like playing in a game with moving goalposts.

However, at BetterPros, a trailblazing 100% remote company, we wholeheartedly embrace the power of fostering meaningful connections among our team members. That’s why we organized the extraordinary BetterHug event—an immersive experience designed to bring our remote team together and create lasting memories.

Setting the Stage: BetterHug 2023 Unveiled

In the enchanting month of March, the BetterPros family eagerly anticipated the arrival of BetterHug—an extraordinary two-day event. Our destination? The breathtaking Estancia Villa María nestled in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The stage was set for an unforgettable gathering, where team members would transcend the virtual boundaries and embrace the spirit of togetherness.

But we didn’t forget about the rest of the team. Unfortunately, many couldn’t attend the festivities in Buenos Aires, so we organized smaller—but still extraordinary—events across Argentina and even in Colombia and Uruguay!

Estancia Villa María
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A Tapestry of Experiences: Connecting Through Shared Moments

BetterHug Buenos Aires was more than just an event; it was an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a tapestry of experiences that celebrated our collective journey. The event kicked off with the production of a captivating promo video that encapsulated the essence of our remote work culture—a testament to our shared dedication and passion.

It was our way of welcoming the world to the Remote Revolution.


A Tapestry of Experiences: Connecting Through Shared Moments

The splendor of the Great Gatsby era beckoned us into a night of glamour and revelry. Dressed in our finest attire, we entered a world of opulence, where art deco aesthetics and vintage charm reigned supreme. It was a celebration of creativity, allowing us to explore new facets of our personalities and have fun together while looking like a million bucks.

BetterHug 7

Building Bridges: Team Bonding and Brainstorming Sessions

Beyond the festivities, BetterHug 2023 provided a platform for team bonding and collaborative brainstorming sessions. Engaging in thought-provoking discussions and exchanging innovative ideas, we harnessed the collective genius of our diverse team. The spirit of collaboration flowed effortlessly, fostering a sense of unity that transcended physical boundaries.

All in all, we assessed what worked, our goals and ambitions for the following year, and made sure to focus on the areas that needed improvement. But most of all, we put our minds together to create new and exciting areas for expansion for 2023.

BetterHug 7

An Asado to Remember

On day two, the tantalizing aroma of a traditional Argentine asado filled the air. We gathered around the grill, savoring succulent cuts of meat and engaging in heartfelt conversations. The crackling of the fire mirrored the warmth that enveloped our team, forging bonds that would extend far beyond the event itself.

And it was just the high watermark in a couple of days of delicious food, with opulent desserts, great wine, and unforgettable memories.

BetterHug 9

The Power of In-Person Connections: Extending the Vibe from Virtual to Reality

For many of us, BetterHug marked the first time we met our remote colleagues face-to-face. The transition from virtual interactions to real-life connections was seamless, as if the vibrant energy we experienced in our virtual workspace effortlessly extended into the physical realm. It was an affirmation of the power of genuine human connections and a reminder that distance is no barrier to building meaningful relationships.

BetterHug 2023
BetterHug 2023

Celebrating Our Journey

As we bid farewell to the enchanting Estancia Villa María, BetterHug 2023 left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. The event reaffirmed our belief that despite being geographically dispersed, we can forge deep connections, create unforgettable memories, and achieve remarkable feats together. BetterPros’ commitment to nurturing a strong remote work culture shines through every interaction. BetterHug served as a testament to the boundless possibilities within our united team.

In a world where remote work is becoming increasingly prevalent, we cherish the moments that allow us to come together, share experiences, and celebrate our journey. BetterHug was more than a team gathering; it was a transformative experience that solidified our bond.

Looking ahead, the success of BetterHug has ignited our passion to explore new avenues of connection and engagement. We realize that building a strong team culture goes beyond occasional in-person gatherings. Creating an environment where every team member feels valued, supported, and connected requires a concerted effort.

The journey of BetterPros is an ongoing one—a continuous exploration of what it means to be a remote team, united by a shared purpose. BetterHug served as a powerful reminder of the strength within our team when we come together, embrace our differences, and harness our collective talents.

As we reflect on the memories and experiences of BetterHug 2023, we are filled with a profound sense of gratitude and pride. Gratitude for the incredible individuals who make up the BetterPros family and their unwavering dedication to our shared vision. Pride on the milestones we have achieved and our resilience as a remote team.

At BetterPros, we believe in the magic of genuine connections, and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey as we redefine what it means to work, thrive, and succeed as a remote team.