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Referral Program

What is the Referral Program?

Over the years, you’ve recommended us to colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. You’ve helped us grow so much and given us your trust. As a token of appreciation, we’ve created this Referral Program to give something back in return. 

For every referral that you bring, you will get a gift of $250, but not only that, your friend will get a gift of $250 as well!

You can also choose to transfer your gift to your friend, awarding them a $500 discount.

Now the referrals
program has a

$500 benefit

How does it work?



Refer a new colleague!
Both of you get $250 in credit for a service of your choosing
(or you can give your referral a $500 credit)


Your referral needs to hire a Betterpros Service for a minimum of 80hs the first
month after signing their contract.


This credit will appear as a discount on your invoice, in the following month that
it has been awarded.

What services
can I use my gift on?

Who can use this benefit?

To obtain the referral benefit, you need to be a BetterPros client.

On the other hand, your referral needs to work with us for a minimum of 80hs the first month after signing their contract. You will both receive the discount on your invoices after the first month of work.

Does this benefit have an expiration date?

Yes, it can only be used in the following month after fulfilling the required number of hours in the first month of work.

Will I get more benefits if I refer more people? 

Yes! For every person you refer to us, that signs a contract and hires over 80hs of service in the first month, you get the discount! There are no limits as to how many friends and colleagues you can bring!

Already thinking of a friend?

Contact your account manager!

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* This gift is expressed in US dollars