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Cost Estimation? Cost estimation is the cornerstone of every construction project.

To maximize the profitability of a project, a builder must have access to accurate financial estimation. Then, they need to take a critical look at materials and design choices and look for options to increase value while reducing costs.

Without accurate cost estimation, it is hardly possible to maintain a feasible budget for construction projects. Not just that, extensive estimate calculations enable a builder to procure the right kind of financing for a project. Also, it enables a builder to make quick yet well-informed decisions about changes in the project.

A Cost estimation analysis doesn’t just contemplate economics; it also accounts for the quality and quantity of each aspect under consideration.
Cost estimation for construction projects is neither a one-time thing nor a one-off activity. Different estimate levels pop up at varying stages of the project.

The more common aspects of construction costs include:

  • Estimating Supervision, Direct Management and Other Direct Charges
  • Estimating Engineering Activities
  • Construction Activities
  • Maintenance and repairs cost
  • Labor Allowances
  • The Use of Factors in Estimating
  • Estimating Basic Material Costs
  • Testing
  • Rent (if applicable)
  • Estimating Establishing, Production, Assembly, and Construction Activities
  • Operating staff payment
  • Establishing and Production Engineering
  • Manufacturing Activities
  • Periodic renovation cost
  • Insurance and taxes
  • Utility bills
  • Any indirect costs

Structural Engineer

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Structural Engineer?

They are concerned with designing and constructing buildings and structures that are safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as improving the structural integrity of existing buildings.

structural_ engineer_2
structural_ engineer_2

Roads, Highways & Transportation

How Road, Highway, and Transportation Engineering can help with your projects?

By planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and tunnels to ensure the safe and effective transportation of people and goods.

  • Includes:
  • Road horizontal and vertical alignments design using Civil 3D, including horizontal and vertical curves design.
  • Cut and fill earthwork estimation.
  • Superelevation: calculations and diagrams.
  • Tables detailing: horizontal curves, vertical curves, daylighting, elevation, coordinates, and superelevation measured along stations of the road and embankment and slope sections.
  • Drainage design of the roa

Sitework & Earthwork

Looking for Expert Site Engineers?

Site engineers work chiefly on construction projects. They form part of construction management and use their skills and expertise to guide crew members and ensure the successful completion of a project.

Projects are mainly in Civil 3D – different levels, curvatures, and soil compositions where the structure will be developed are studied.

The idea is to analyze different surfaces to facilitate decision-making when it’s time to use tools, treatments, and processes on said surface.
The digital terrain models can integrate new data as it becomes available to track progress compared to estimates and planning.

An important aspect of surface modeling includes comparing existing and proposed surface conditions on the site through grading, which allows for earthwork, cut and fill volume calculations, cost calculation, and visualization purposes.


How can Hydraulic Engineer Help?

Drainage Design Modeling

Our civil engineers have the required skills and expertise to provide drainage design and modeling services. They can help with modeling layouts, longitudinal profiles and sections, and flow routes of the proposed developments. They specialize in the effects of water in one or many disciplines.

Hydraulic Analysis

Our engineers have the expertise to provide clients with highly accurate hydraulic analysis and modeling to design highly effective and efficient detailed drainage designs. They can help you with the design of dams and bridges, analyze the path of wastewater in the ground, and study the effects of the ocean on the shoreline and offshore structures like oil platforms.

Design and structural and hydraulic calculation of a wastewater treatment plant:

Design and dimensioning of the wastewater treatment system through oxidation lagoons.

Implementation of a production system for industrial buildings

Drainage System in Urbanisms


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