Industrial Designer

Are you looking for an Industrial Engineer?

Our industrial designers create designs and make prototypes to test the design to be considered for production. They consider the functionality, safety, and appearance as part of the decision to produce the product.

They also analyze the cost of production and materials and work with other specialists to determine if the designed product is reasonable to manufacture.

Industrial engineers also produce renders, modeling, 3D plans, graphics, videos, infographics, design brands, among other things.


Technologies we use

Autocad outsourcing
Solidworks outsourcing
Civil3d outsourcing
Adobe outsourcing
Rhinoceros outsourcing
Fusion360 outsourcing
KeyShot outsourcing

Technologies we use

Autocad outsourcing
Solidworks outsourcing
Civil 3D Outsourcing
Adobe Ousourcing
Rhinoceros Outsourcing
fusion360 Outsourcing
Keyshot Outsourcing