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Worksheet Guide

Your Worksheet is your main ally for keeping a
record of your hours worked.

Follow this guide and learn how to complete the document the right way.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!

  • Fill the worksheet every day.
  • Pre-load the projects.
  • Detail each day the tasks.
  • If you did not perform tasks, clarify it in the “Work achieved” section and put 0 hours.
  • Don’t change the ws structure.
  • The last day of the month, the ws must be 100% updated.

Hours Worked & Projects

In this document you can upload the hours and projects you worked each day. It’s super important to have your Worksheet completed by the last day of the month.

Wondering how? Check this video and begin filling in your worksheet correctly.

Weekends & Days Off

Taking time off? Whether it’s holidays, a day off, or a sick day, let us and your clients know by filling in the “Work achieved” column of your Worksheet.

Check out the video and find out how.

An example of a correctly filled-out Worksheet

Big No-No’s

Forgetting to fill out your worked hours, work achieved or the project you worked on.

Filling out the worksheet with more hours than you actually worked on.

Modifying fields on the Worksheet or making personal notes.

Marking a day off as a workday. If you take a day off, you must enter the number 0 in the amount of hours worked.